Ret. Captain James R. Goslee, Jr., with his experience in the Army JAG Corps., moved to Bellefontaine from Colorado with his family in 1948.  His law degree was from the University of Kentucky.  He was born in Ansonia, Ohio and was raised in Cleveland with his two brothers.  He was quickly appointed to fill the unexpired term of the Logan County Prosecutor following the resignation of Glenn Shelhause from that position.  The times were tumultuous in Logan County due to the influence of organized Detroit gaming which was a powerful interest to overcome.  Goslee prosecuted several local businessmen for violations of gambling laws which made his election to the office in 1950 impossible.


“Big Jim”, as many knew him, then practiced with Earnest Thompson and in 1958, Robert Dunlap joined Big Jim which then created Goslee & Dunlap.  His nickname was well deserved owing to his 6 feet 5 inch height, and very large hands.  In 1967, Big Jim’s oldest son, Jim lll, graduated from Ohio State’s College of Law and joined the firm.  Before “Jimmy” could graduate, Dunlap left to start a different firm.  Thus, Goslee & Goslee was created in 1967.


In 1978 the firm moved to its present location after remodeling the Isaly’s Dairy building.  It had moved twice in those years until the third and final move directly across from the County Courthouse.


In 1981, Jimmy and his wife were in a car accident that was so serious he never returned to the practice but Goslee & Goslee continued in name and a devastated Big Jim hired Dennis Day. Lager to help with the practice, always hoping Jimmy would recover.  It became Goslee, Goslee & Lager until Big Jim’ s youngest son, Bill, graduated from Ohio Northern University’s College of Law in 1989 and joined the family firm.  Lager left before Bill’s entry to the practice and thus Goslee & Goslee resumed its original presence and name but with son Bill as an associate and later partner.


In 1997, Big Jim passed away and the firm name continued.  Bill hired some associates but no partners were accepted.  In 2011, Bill left Goslee & Goslee when he was appointed to fill the unexpired term of the County Prosecutor.


Miranda Warren was there to assume the operations of Goslee & Goslee and formed the LLC known as Goslee & Goslee, Ltd., which is what it is today.  Bill successfully pursued his election to the position as Logan County Prosecutor. In 2016, Bill was elected as the Logan County Common Pleas Court Judge.

Jessica Hall recently joined the firm in 2017. She is a 2014 graduate of the Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University.